PrimeCare on Wixom is dedicated to providing our patients with transparency and access to their medical documents. In a rapidly changing world, it is now possible to give our patients tools that allow them to communicate with us and access their results immediately.

Please note that our physicians make every effort to call promptly with results that we receive. By accessing your records online, there is a possibility that you will see the results before a physician has a chance to call you personally. The results will appear in this system at the same time that our physicians receive them. We highly suggest that if you are waiting for testing that may have abnormalities that you speak to a physician before using WebView.

If you understand the benefits and risks of using an open access system, then feel free to use our online record.

If your password does not work, please note that this is due to new regulations on passwords and for your security. Please call our office if you cannot reset your password online.

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Lost password or locked out?

If you are locked out and cannot access your account, please try to click on the above link and follow instructions.  If you are unable to reset it, it is possible that you do not have a secret question on file and will need to call our office to update this.

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