Behavioral care providers provide evidence-based, cost-effective focused behavioral interventions for the many patients with behavioral conditions in primary care and medical settings who currently receive treatment that results in undercare, overcare, or misuse.

This innovative approach has been proven to provide effective quality, improved outcomes, and reduced cost. Health care visits are often triggered by factors that are deeply rooted in the patient’s environment. Integrated behavioral health allows for the whole person to be treated. Offering behavioral health services in our Wixom office encourages participation by people who need more immediate access to professional help and who want to avoid any stigma associated with mental health therapy. Research has shown that early intervention prevents more disabling disorders.

With the rise in depression, substance abuse, and chronic, often debilitating medical conditions including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease, the need is greater than ever to incorporate self-management skill teaching into the primary care setting. These skills include coping skills, problem solving, and understanding the reasons behind some of the unhealthy choices being made by patients so that their goals are more easily achieved and outcomes improved.

Many primary care patients have untreated behavioral conditions that lead to increased medical costs as patients visit their PCP, are referred to specialists, and have extensive lab work when effective brief behavioral treatment can resolve many of these complaints.

Within primary care, the demand for a team approach with a behavioral expert is clear. We are greatly looking forward to being able to deliver brief, stepped care interventions that “fit” primary care in Wixom, MI. This is consistent with our commitment to the Patient-Centered Medical Home concept. Being able to document both clinical improvement and cost-savings are fundamental needs of the 21st Century health-care system.

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