Before you review a doctor or facility, realize it may stay online forever. Ask whether what you have to say will aid someone, perhaps years later, make a decision that might affect their life. Accept responsibility for this.

Are you writing the review because you’re upset? Anger may be very appropriate, but words written in haste are rarely the best way to help someone else. There are better outlets for your anger than online reviews, like contacting the doctor directly, or your state licensing board.

Remember that your doctor as a person and your doctor as a practitioner are two separate things.  A competent doctor may not always be nice and vice versa. Talk about your experience objectively. We’re not perfect, but we strive for excellence. How are we doing?  Multiple experiences with a doctor or office may have more validity than a single episode of care, but both are experiences we and our community need you to share.

Accurately describe your own experience. While details about your medical problem are important to you, it’s the bigger picture that matters to someone else. Other patients don’t need to know what your test results were to understand if they were ordered correctly. They do need to know how you were treated by the staff and whether your doctor listened, was organized (electronic record/ digital x-rays?), and thorough. Is the office clean and up to date? Can you access your records online?  Did you get a timely appointment, reasonable wait time, a chance to express your concerns and did you understand what the doctor explained?  Did you get good follow up and/or a written set of instructions after the visit?  Was the billing done correctly? In all of these areas, we strive to delight our patients.

Come to an honest conclusion with your review, and be specific, e.g.,”If you want >30 d of narcotics, don’t ask Dr. S because (s)he won’t refill pain meds early.”  Statements like this won’t have a negative impact on someone with different conditions.

We look forward to your thoughtful comments!

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