Let’s be honest, your primary care physicians (PCP) most valued trait might well be his or her ability to get you in front of the very best specialist in your area of concern as quickly as possible.

To set the record straight, our office is very well equipped and we can handle everything form splinters, to fractures through complicated cardiac cases, pediatric respiratory distress, and prenatal concerns about the baby’s heart rate. But there are times when you need a specialist. So your PCP needs to know when that time has come, AND which specialist you need (not nearly as easy at it sounds) and who is doing the very best work in the area.

Southeast Michigan is blessed with many fine and capable health care providers. Because we are active in the hospital and its committees we have a personal relationship with the specialists we use.  Because we are not employed by the hospital, we can and do choose the very best providers when their expertise is needed.

We do great work.  When we send you on for consultation it is always with a warm letter of introduction and all of the prerequisite labs and initial test results. Specialists LOVE that about us.  Your record can be viewed by your consultant with your permission as so desired.  Because we have such a strong reputation, we do have some clout with our consultants.  We don’t ever cry “Wolf!” in order to get you in quicker if the urgency is not there.  But when it is there, and time matters, we will get you in front of the specialists who can take our work further and get you the care you need when it matters most.